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  ladies and gentlemen,good evening!i fell really honored to stand here and make a speech about my college life.

  now collegelife has been about more than a half, i begin to understand that college is a large stage, what belongs to your own; here you are both director and actor, if you dare to try, then the spotlight will call to you all. and what you have to do is try your best to play your role, whatever happens, believe yourself, that's right! when sophomore, is mainly for learning, without fresh at the beginning, holding the muddled attitudes of life and learning. now recalling the university life of freshman: classes, dinners, rest filled up my daily life, i am busy and i think i tried to make my life colorful ,however, i got no achievement to show off,i don’t know what i was busy with. people always like dream, but the dream is broken again and again when there is no plan to make it come true. so it is the most important to have a plan for your university life, although it need not to be very detailed, it can let you have the target to pursue.

  some say mediocre students are similar, not mediocre students each have their own glory. although i don't think my life is brilliant, and failure of comparison but i'm glad i gain much more than i lost. every one of us dreams of the university halls, in order to come to the palace we experience hardships. now that we have crossed the threshold, so we have a lot of personality in the halls of this dream. college is not a fantasy, not a dream, and certainly not delusional, but our great ideal. as long as we are fighting for. some day we will achieve everything! you will hear maple stream boat, you will see kim laughs, and you'll smell the fruit fragrance, because you have been in the harvest season!





  Let’s stand up from where we fall down

  All the celebrations welcoming the new century were hold in the year 2000, because life without a greeting is like the sky without the sun.Greetings are very important for the whole world,in my opinion.

  But I don't know whether greetings are enough for us.Especially when we meet with failures .I remember quite clearly that when I was a child,if I fall down and was on the brink of crying,my father always told me"Please stand up from where you fall down!"

  Yes,we must stand up from where we fall down.

  That was a special mid night in 1993.Expectations filled our hearts.

  We stared at the TV,hoping excitedly as the voice would fly to our ears.

  But at last,each Chinese who loves our motherland was distressed to know the result:Beijing ,lost to Sydeny by a margin of two votes in the Olympic hosting competition.

  Eight years have past,but the frustration has not healed with time at all.

  Now,at the begining of the new millennium,all of the pride and disappointment of the 20th century had gone with the wind. The 21st century,which is full of hope,longing znd thought has come. Someone said,we would start from zero on.

  Should I really start from zero on?

  No!I hold that we should go on with our efferts and ambitions stayed by last century,and make our life better.

  "New Beijing,Great Olympics!" The voice cries this out around China's captital,a 3,000 -year-old city these days.

  Beijing,along with Paris,Istanbul,Osake and Toronto,has been shortlisted by the International Olympic Committee as an official candidate city for the 2008 Olympic Games.

  This is Beijing's second attempt to host the games.

  Everyone fully supports Beijing's bid for it.

  Maybe,we can paint fences along the main roads of Beijing.

  Maybe,we can make much of yhe city cleaned up.

  Maybe,we can learn and speak basic English idioms and expressions for daily communication.

  But,but are they just enough?

  Facing the new century,mankind is driven by the revolution of science and technoiogy,world economy is undergoing broud and profound changes. But nobody can deny the fact that compared with developed nations,developing countries are confronted with more pressure and challenges.In order to become famous in the world,we must speed up our international economic restructuring to catch up with industrialized nations.

  Supporting Beijing's bid is a systematic project that can support China'sdevelopment efforts.

  I believe recycled paper,clean fuel,sorted rubbish,water-saving and enery-efficient facilities will become reality in the coming years for China.

  I believe the new century is an era of learning ans teaching,and lifelong education has become one of the main trends in the future developmet of Chinese society.

  I believe that,on July 13,our dream of Beijing's Olympic bid will become true.

  Because to millions of Chinese,for China to have the gloal respect and support that she deserves is not just a dream.

  It is a part of our very souls.For we are not only equal members of our motherland, China,but we are also equal contributors to the world as a whole. Let us stand together,all nations in Beijing,in brotherhood,friendship and peace.